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BreezeACCESS VL is a carrier-class, point-to-multipoint solution for wireless broadband outdoor connectivity and the delivery of high-quality data, voice and video services in urban and rural environments. BreezeACCESS VL lets Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), municipalities, governments, enterprises and utilities providers deliver an array of broadband wireless applications in urban and rural deployments.

It provides enhanced QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities to enable the allocation of the necessary bandwidth and priority in line with application and user needs. BreezeACCESS VL supports an extended coverage range in the 4.9, 5 GHz frequencies and the license-exempt 900 MHz frequency bands and features embedded security mechanisms with hardware-based encryption to ensure consistently secure wireless links that do not degrade performance.

BreezeACCESS VL is a field-proven, flexible platform that enables diverse product configurations and power feeding options to match varying deployment needs. The solution adheres to Alvarion's "pay-as-you-grow" business model to ensure maximum scalability and supports a wide range of subscriber units to offer an affordable, optimized solution for top performance.


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