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Wi2 offers the ultimate IP wireless broadband solution for a variety of applications and services – anytime, anywhere. Operators can deliver basic public Internet access to public safety, traffic management, video surveillance, indoor coverage and other advanced voice, video and mobile applications. With Wi2 operators enjoy mesh benefits, such as self-healing and lower network costs, and still maintain a robust, simple and high QoS network.

Wi2 provides the best of both worlds; easy-to-deploy outdoor Wi-Fi mesh access integrated with built-in management and OSS support, in addition to a connection-ready solution with robust QoS capabilities. The product also offers immediate connection with WiMAX backhauling networks for high performance, low complexity, and easy-to-deploy networks.

  • Deploy tailored networks as per specific operational and budget demands
  • Answer the need for outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Integrate a complete, robust end-to-end solution
  • Increase revenue with multiple application network support

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