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LevelOne UDS-1000 Docking Station allows the user to connect parallel, serial, Ethernet and USB 2.0 devices to his notebook or PC. The VGA pass-through feature makes connecting all peripherals easy and convenient.

The user can leave each device attached to the Docking Station, remove the Notebook computer for travel; then, when he returns, he just plugs in the docking station and instantly connects all devices back to the notebook. For customers using a stationary PC and a notebook computer for mobile use, switching all peripherals between the PC and the notebook has never been easier.

This USB2.0 Docking Station provides three USB 2.0 ports, one parallel port, one RS-232 serial port, one 10Base-TX/100Base-T Ethernet port, PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse and VGA pass-through. An external power supply unit is provided as well as a USB/VGA cable.


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